HerbBlurb – Red Clover Blossom

Red Clover, Red Clover, Bring Healing right over!!!! – Some cool herbal kid.  This is our first in this series and I’m pretty excited to talk about it. I absolutely love and am fascinated by plants. I want to share that knowledge with you guys and thought what better way then talking a little bitRead more

All Natural Herbal Easter Egg Dying

Spring time is here. I ADORE spring. Things begin to grow again in the garden, itty bitty animal babies are born, and of course, my ultimate favorite, free candy at Easter, and an amazing seder at Passover. I love any chance to be creative, and that includes dying eggs. Now that I have a littleRead more

Photo by Maxine Evans

Our Natural Birth Center Story

We’ve been a bit on hiatus lately, and with good reason. On January 13th, we welcomed a little human into the world. She was 7lbs, 5oz’s of precious goodness and we couldn’t be happier with her, and with how our natural homestyle birth went. Our little bundle came when she was good and ready. 10Read more

DIY Stretch Mark Oil Remedy for Pregnant Women

I’m sitting here writing this, at what I feel is extremely overdue. Then again, I was “done” with pregnancy at 38 weeks. So you can imagine just how large I feel. I have been applying stretch mark oil like crazy in hopes that I don’t get those wonderful, hard earned tiger stripes. As proud ofRead more

DIY Seed Starters from K-Cup Trash

    Call me a hoarder, but I feel like I can find uses for just about anything. I’ll set the scene. I was working in a very busy casting office, filled with coffee fueled co-workers, and decided it was time for my morning hot-chocolate. I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but there were aRead more

Our DIY Backyard Rustic Wedding

To all of my wonderful readers, customers, clients, fans, and people who have just stumbled upon this blog randomly, I want to apologize for being MIA. There has been ALOT going on around here. On top of creating more fun products, and blog ideas for you, I was in the midst of planning a wedding.Read more

Herbal 101 – DIY Vitamin C Pills

Another Herbal 101 video by Ren! Check it out. Let me know what you think, and if you have any herbal tips or questions you wanna share, give me a shout!  

DIY Herbal Remedy For Heartburn

Lets face it. We live in a stressed and unhealthy world. One where it’s easier and cheaper to sit in a fast food line, rather than, after a long stressful day at work, kill yourself for an hour in the kitchen when you’re already starving. I don’t know about you, but any time I eatRead more

Skinny Mini Tea – #TeaTuesdays

Hey hey lovely people! Ren here, once again, to bring you a wonderful tea recipe. As it turns out, I have exactly 152 days until I’m a married woman! When I think about that in terms of being married, it feels worlds away. When I think about it in terms of getting fit and weightRead more

Tea Tuesdays – New Year, New Body!

So…. not gunna lie, this holiday season I went a lil’ cray. I ate everything in sight. Sweets, Treats, and red wine! I didn’t even THINK about working out let alone the physical motion engaging in it. I may or may not have had ice cream for breakfast on multiple occasions. Let’s just say I’mRead more