DIY Seed Starters from K-Cup Trash

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K-CUP Seed Starters



Call me a hoarder, but I feel like I can find uses for just about anything. I’ll set the scene. I was working in a very busy casting office, filled with coffee fueled co-workers, and decided it was time for my morning hot-chocolate. I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but there were a bunch of those fancy hot-chocolates in the K-CUPS so I thought I would give it a try.

To my dismay over lack of smarts when it comes to new fangled contraptions, I spent a good ten minutes trying to figure out why the machine wasn’t brewing. Finally I figured it was because I needed to empty out the used K-Cup dispenser.

As I pulled it open I was shocked how many were in there, and how many I was expected to throw away. I really couldn’t bring myself to do it and thought. “I know exactly what I can use these for..”

I filled up my little trash bag with the used K-cups, my co-workers either really impressed with my craftiness or really worried about me taking home garbage and thus, I bring you this post.

K-cup Seed Starter Step 1

K-CUP Seed Starter Step 2

KCUP Seed Starter Step 3

K-Cup Seed Starter Step 4

Happy planting. Would love to hear about your favorite upcycle stories!

In best of health,

Ren’s Remedies

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