DIY Herbal Remedy For Heartburn

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Lets face it. We live in a stressed and unhealthy world. One where it’s easier and cheaper to sit in a fast food line, rather than, after a long stressful day at work, kill yourself for an hour in the kitchen when you’re already starving.

I don’t know about you, but any time I eat any of that garbage my insides get angry. They DO NOT like having processed deliciousness put into them despite what my taste buds have to say about it.

If you have your own private stash antacids tucked in every crevice of your belongings then your body is trying to tell you something! Trust me. You don’t need a translator to decipher THAT message.

Your first reaction might be to pop one of those delightful pills. Please don’t.

Something You Might Not Know About Heartburn:

Acid Blockers and Antacids (the pills and meds you usually take to treat heartburn) Lead you in a vicious cycle of heart burn. “What?!” You may be saying. “That can’t be right Ren!”

“Oh, but it can!” I counter, in my super authoritative tone, cause I’m bossy like that.

Heartburn actually results from TOO LITTLE stomach acid. Not too much.

Counterproductive right? Hey, that’s science. Who am I to argue?

Stress and poor diet reduce your gastric juices. Why do you think we have so many heartburn sufferers today? Low acid in the stomach doesn’t just lead to heartburn, but many other bodily issues like bloating, hormone problems, knarley nails, stringy thinning hair and a whole other mess of problems.

What antacids actually do is take away the sensation of heartburn, thus alkalizing the stomach. The more alkaline the food in your tummy is, the less likely you are to properly digest it, causing even more problems that you started with.

Here is what I deem the best DIY heartburn remedy:

This is super effective because it works the complete opposite of what something like Tums would do. When your stomach has enough acid, it closes the top of the tummy valve, stopping acid from leaking into your esophegas, and opens the bottom so food goes down, not back up. Yuck.

Instant DIY Organic Heartburn Relief Recipe

2 tsp – Raw Apple cider vinegar (my favorite is Braggs, miracle stuff, I say)

1/2 cup – filtered water

1 tsp – Raw (Unpasteurized) Honey

Mix together and drink at the first sign of heartburn.

You can continue to take this every 5-10 minutes until you have relief, but one serving

If you have big issues and can’t seem to stay away from the foods you know get to you, try and take it with your meal to get a jump start on it.

In best of health,




If you’re interested in learning more about the amazing benefits of Herbal Medicine, here’s another fun site to check out.

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