Skinny Mini Tea – #TeaTuesdays

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Hey hey lovely people! Ren here, once again, to bring you a wonderful tea recipe. As it turns out, I have exactly 152 days until I’m a married woman! When I think about that in terms of being married, it feels worlds away. When I think about it in terms of getting fit and weight loss, I feel like I don’t have enough time.

That said, this tea blend is inspired by my need to start pulling all the stops and getting fit. Why spend a ton of money on a dress if you can’t fit in it, am’i’rite?

This delicious tea is oolong based, which helps in appetite suppressant (which honestly, I never recommend, but I can’t help what the herb does) and my personal favorite, a metabolism booster.

I added a little spice kick, because even though we’re coming out of winter, I refuse to give it up just yet.

See you next Tuesday! Happy Steeping!


Skinny Mini Tea Blend

1 TSP – Cinnamon Chips

1 TSP – Ginger Root

2 TBSP – Formosa Oolong Leaves


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