Tea Tuesdays – New Year, New Body!

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So…. not gunna lie, this holiday season I went a lil’ cray. I ate everything in sight. Sweets, Treats, and red wine! I didn’t even THINK about working out let alone the physical motion engaging in it. I may or may not have had ice cream for breakfast on multiple occasions. Let’s just say I’m ready for a detox. New year means a new body and I’m ready to start with this herbal reset. Here is the blend.

Reset Button Tea

1 Tablespoon organic Spearmint or Peppermint leaf ( I like to get wild and use both)

1 Tablespoon organic Dandelion Root

1 teaspoon organic Allspice Berries

1 teaspoon organic Ginger Root

1 teaspoon organic Parsley Root or leaf

Fresh lemon

Combine all the herbs in an infuser, bag, nest or strainer, or put all the herbs in a quart-sized Mason jar. Pour 4 cups boiling water over and let steep for 5-10 minutes*

Add the lemon juice and Happy New Year!

*This recipe has roots, so feel free to steep over night and then strain and reheat the next day for a stronger blend.

Happy Sipping!

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