Our Natural Birth Center Story

Photo by Maxine Evans
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We’ve been a bit on hiatus lately, and with good reason. On January 13th, we welcomed a little human into the world. She was 7lbs, 5oz’s of precious goodness and we couldn’t be happier with her, and with how our natural homestyle birth went.

Our little bundle came when she was good and ready. 10 days late. Despite my schedule and planning, she decided she wanted to make a grand entrance.

My mother and brother had flown in from Florida a week before, when she hadn’t come on her due date, in hopes that she would come sometime close. We had joked she would probably show the day my mother was supposed to leave (FYI, she did.)

We had the pleasure of having a huge support group. Shout out to Del Mar Birth Center, my Midwife Margo, and My lovely Doula Sarah.While the baby was late, Sarah would come over and go on walks with me, as well as offer insane amounts of emotional support as I began to experience my first real lesson of parenthood, patience.The biggest shout out to my husband who is literally my hero for witnessing probably one of the most rawest, craziest things and being so strong to deal with me.

A couple of days before she was born, one of the nurses (an all around awesome chick.. just want to put her in my pocket) Hayley¬†checked my vitals and thought it might be a good idea to get checked out for fluid levels and the baby’s heart beat to make sure that Princess Late Pants was doing okay in there.

The night before she came we went to the hospital to have everything looked at. Her heartbeat was strong, and my fluid was in over abundance. In fact, the midwife on call said she didn’t think she was coming any time soon. She had said I built her a wonderful house, and she had no reason to leave yet.

I wanted so badly to feel better about that, but I definitely felt like this little person didn’t want to meet me.

Fast forward to that night around 1:30am and I felt a POP. The little one had been kicking my bladder all week so I assumed the slight liquid I felt was me peeing myself. I went to the bathroom, and thats when I saw a light pink. I had my husband google the color of amniotic fluid and he read that it could be pink. I wasn’t feeling anything but period like cramps so I didn’t worry about it and went back to bed.

Around 3:30am, I felt a gush and knew for sure it was my water breaking. I went out, woke up my mom and brother to let them know I thought that it was starting and called the midwife and my Doula. It was early so I felt bad having Sarah come over, and told her to rest up and I would call when I needed her. She had offered to come as soon as my water broke but I wasn’t in a place where I thought I needed her. She had mentioned when and if I got in the shower to make sure she knew about it.

Around 5:00 it became harder to ignore the contractions. They weren’t super painful, but definitely something I noticed. About that time I started trembling. I wasn’t cold, or so I didn’t feel it, but couldn’t stop uncontrollably shaking. My husband had brought a crap ton of blankets and tried to keep me warm before suggesting we get into the shower. I remembered I needed to call and let Sarah know that we were doing so, so Josh told her what was going on. She was concerned things were moving fast because of the trembling and was on her way.

Once I was in the shower I immediately relaxed. It felt wonderful. Josh was with me and he just held me and massaged me while I was in there.

Once I was out of the shower, things started to pick up. Curse words were said. Moaning happened. Contractions were definitely more intense.

Sarah had gotten there around 6:00am and started helping Josh with getting me through each one. She was such a great asset to have, and I totally recommend everyone about to go through childbirth to get a Doula. By then, I sort of lost all track of time, but I’ll try and take you through what I remember.

I know my contractions were coming VERY close together. I would have maybe a three to five minute rest in between them, and when they were happening I was having a hard time not “fighting them” and trying to roll with them.

By this time, Josh had the midwife on the phone who was asking all sorts of questions, but didn’t think that it was time for me to come just yet. Sarah, being in it, told Josh it was time to go, and we should let them know we were on our way to the Birth Center.

We got in the car around 7:45ish, and proceeded to drive, in Los Angeles rush hour traffic, with a woman who *most likely* was in transition. It was definitely the worst car ride of my life. I sat grasping the emergency break as leverage for the pain, and I think at a couple points I hit Josh, who I thought was trying to take my hand away. I’m sure he was, so we wouldn’t come to a sudden halt on the freeway.

Once we got to the birth center, I really had to pee. Margo walked me to the bathroom, and BOOM there was my bloody show. I had been wondering where it was all that time.

When I had gotten there, the tub was all set up and ready for me to hop in. She checked to see that I was 8cm along. I labored in the tub for about an hour, hour and a half, and while I don’t really remember the extent of the pain of the contractions, I know they were very close together and intense. I can’t really remember them, but I remember feeling like I never got a break. Good job mother nature, making sure Mommy’s continue to have babies.

One thing I do remember is that my body started doing this strange convulsing thing, which I realized was my body trying to do the pushing for me. I thought I was dying at one point because I didn’t know why I was convulsing, and had never had it happen to me but I was reassured everything was fine.

Sarah and my husband were tag teaming on fluids and making sure I was getting¬†hydrated. I feel like I contributed significantly to the drought that day as I don’t think I’ve ever had so much to drink in my life.

Margo had asked if I wanted a water birth… I really REALLY did. It was time to push so she began to reheat the tub again to get it prepped for the baby. After a while I started getting super dizzy and light headed. I just couldn’t take the heat so I was helped out of the tub and we transferred over to the bed.

I pushed what seemed like forever but was only for about an hour and a half. I’m still not sure how she came out, as I kept telling my husband it felt impossible. I felt like once she had gotten closer, the contraction would end, and then she would go back up inside of me. I had also heard stories about women who had their babies out in 2 pushes so after an hour and a half I thought for sure she was never coming out.

At 11:45 on the dot (15 minutes before my mom’s flight was supposed to take off), she came out. I got to pull her out and put her on my chest, which is also something I really wanted to do.

Immediately everything I felt; the uncertainty, the fear, the pain, the intensity, the exhaustion — all of it went away and I felt like I could go run a marathon. It was so strange. Looking back at the photos though, I was a hot mess, so I’m pretty sure it was all internal.

They checked all her vitals with her on me, and my husband and I got to have some alone time with her and each other before everyone came in.

We were home 4 hours later.

It was such a surreal experience, and amazing.

I’m still not sure how she got here, but I know for sure we are super super in love with this stinky little baby.

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Amazing Newborn Photos by: Maxine Evans Photography 

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